My First Amazing Blog Post

Published on: 2023-08-31

Written by Sacha Nocetto

This is the first post of my new Astro blog.

Welcome to my new blog about learning everything that comes across my adventure! Here, I will share my learning journey as I build projects on my way to becoming a better Front end engineer.

What I’ve accomplished

  1. Installing Astro: First, I created a new Astro project from scratch trying to migrate my previous blog that was made in Next.js. Didn’t work out, So I deleted my entire project bit by bit and started from zero. Pretty fun.

  2. Learning Astro and Markdown posts creation: I then learned how to make pages, posts and layouts. Tried to compare it to what I already learned using Next.js and what I was seeing on HTMX and trying to find which would have the best DX for creating a blog, a simple, fast approach, similar to writting HTML, CSS, JS. It took me one minute literally to figure it out that Astro would make my journey way easier than any other alternative. AND I can use whatever other UI technology I want. which is always cool to have.

So far, This is what i’ve done in the re-do of my portfolio.

What’s next

I’m thinking to keep sharing content what would deliver value to the community. Specially for devs, but also other general themes like well-being, which I really like as well.

Hope to see you later!